Education Ministry


  • Children's Sunday School/Youth Groups - Christian education has been a core ministry of Grace over the years.  Children begin to learn key Biblical stories and truths at a young age and progress through various milestones to a more mature faith in Christ. Their loving and enthusiastic teachers have always been a blessing to our Grace family.  As youth progressed into the middle and high school years, the youth were presented with wonderful opportunities to attend week-long summer retreats at Mar-Lu-Ridge, Caroline Furnace and "the cabin" in Ontario.  Retreats have provided a way for youth at Grace to encounter Christ in nature and with each other as a stepping stone for spiritual growth into Confirmation of their original baptismal vows. Throughout the years, 187 youth at Grace have confirmed their faith in Christ as they continued growing in their relationship with Christ.
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  • Christmas Nativity Pageants - One of the timeless treasures of Grace has always been the Children's Nativity Pageant.  Complete with costumes and backdrops lovingly made by Grace members over the years, these pageants have been integrated into the worship service for the congregation to share the wonder and awe of God's most precious gift to our world - the Christ child born to all of us.  
  • Adult Education - Grace has offered multiple Christian education opportunities to continue the process of adult growth in faith, through Bible studies, videos, and caring conversations in which we "tell our stories" of what it means to live our lives as Christians.   Education has occurred on Sunday mornings, during mid-week Bible studies, and at church retreat programs.   Many gifted persons have taught and facilitated Bible studies over the years, and the insight and sharing of class participants has always been treasured.  
  • Vacation Bible School - Grace has hosted this educational outreach ministry for church members and friends.   Formats and themes have varied over the years, including a single day, an entire week and evening programs for youth and adults. Activities have included crafts, songs, games, exercise, and storytelling.  It has always been a much-loved summer program for all.
  • Women's Bible Study - The women of Grace gather together to share in spiiritual growth various areas related to the Bible.


The Education Ministry Team shall encourage congregational involvement in Christian education activities.  Plan Christian educational activities for the congregation.  Manage the scholarship funds of the congregation and coordinate with members of the WELCA and Adult Study Group.